Matte Look Bridal Kum-Kum Sindoor


  • Kum Kum Sindoor is a liquid Based
  • Long Lasting, Quick Dry
  • Velvet Matte Finish, Non Droppy Safe to use with No Irritation.
  • Sponge Tip Applicator For a Finesse


Kum Kum Sindoor is traditionally applied at the beginning or completely along the parting-line of a womanโ€™s hair (also called mangย in Hindi orย simandarekhaย in Sanskrit) or as aย dot on the forehead. Kum Kum Sindoor is the mark of a married woman in Hinduism. Single women wear the Bindi in different colors for special occasions but do not apply Sindoor in their parting of the hairline. Widows do not wear Sindoor or Bindis, signifying that their husband is no longer alive.

The display of the sindoor is considered very important to indicate the married status of the groom.




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