Matt Look Nail Enamel Remover 30ml (Strawberry Pack OF 1)



One type of polishing product sold around this time was Graf’sย  Matt Look Nail Enamel polish paste.

It was more common to polish nails with tinted Matt Look Nail Enamel polish,

Matteย polish is like regular polish,

topcoat is most useful for painting over any dry base color.

Nail polish has become very popular through the years,

where designs can be created on the nail using the contrast of both shiny and matte surfaces.

matte look nail polish is usually the original solvent for nail polish itself.

The formula has been revised repeatedly to enhance its decorative effects and to suppress cracking or peeling.

Nail polish is a lacquer that can be applied to the human fingernail or matte look to decorate and protect the nail plates.

polish is made by combining Half n Half with color pigments.

Nail Polish Designers see the potential of a new nail polish art, its color and sophistication and wanted to bring it life.

high quality and luscious nail polish, be it a top coat, base coat, gel or matte.

provides quality mixers which can do the job of mixing nail polish ingredients and producing a uniform,

While the color is the main asset of the nail polish, there are to the perfect production of the nail polish.


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